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Sponsorship Information:

Your donations, either corporate or individual, will help to provide the funding necessary to support our efforts. A trip to Washington, D.C. is not possible for a lot of our Veterans because of many who have financial, medical and physical hardships—They need our help and together we can make this happen.

Donations to the Land of Lincoln Honor Flight may be made at any Marine Bank location. In addition, donations may be mailed to our Land of Lincoln Honor Flight , 57 Country Place, Springfield, IL 62703 address.

Contribution Levels:

The following contribution levels have been identified to assist you with sponsorship:

$475.00 - Veteran Sponsor

$1,945.00 - Victory Sponsor

$2,000-$4,999 - Silver Sponsor

$5,000-$9,999 - Gold Sponsor

$10,000-$19,999 - Platinum Sponsor

$20,000 or more - Honor Flight Benefactor

Donations can be made in person to the “Land of Lincoln Honor Flight” account at any Marine Bank in Champaign, IL, Chatham, IL, or any of the six Marine Bank branches in Springfield, IL. You may call 217-629-9591 for additional information. Please note that any contributions, regardless of amount, will be accepted and greatly appreciated. Remember your donation is tax deductible.

Important Information:

Land of Lincoln Honor Flight t-shirts available for sale for $20.00 as a fund-raising activity. We offer different color options in most sizes. Place your order here.

Our staff is available to make presentations or answer questions for your organization should you require our services. Just contact us using any method you prefer. Contact information is available on this web site or just use our "Contact Us" form.

Donations may be made by mail to: Land of Lincoln Honor Flight, 57 Country Place, Springfield, IL 62703 or placed online through PayPal:

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